One of five highly creative and inspirational gardens, this design gave plenty of ideas for small garden or courtyard owners, as well as for an element of a larger garden. ‘Friendship garden’ by Tom’s Secret Garden.

Our garden entitled ‘Friendship Garden’ represents an outdoor space that offers both a sensory & evocative experience.

Through combining scented flowering plants, with herbs & edibles, this garden reflects our sustainable business practice. It also emphasises our organic gardening service, which we implement on all of the gardens we care for.

Built into every design is a deep understanding & respect for environmentally sound practices. This is on display in the material selection, which is locally sourced where possible from companies who also employ sustainable practices & more broadly in our delivery of a completely organic approach to managing gardens.

The title of our garden ‘Friendship Garden’ has been selected to portray the potential of a garden to bring people together. Tom’s Secret Garden creates spaces that allow people to enjoy their garden through interacting with the plants on a sensory level. This design offers people an opportunity to engage & connect with plants, which have been carefully selected & naturally maintained.

Toms Secret Garden

We believe that having fresh herbs, vegetables & fruit available in your garden encourages you to be more self sufficient & resourceful. There are increased health benefits to you & your family & friends who eat from & participate in an organic garden. In turn we can then be reassured that we are doing the very best for our planet in reducing our carbon footprint & minimizing our waste.

Friendship is just as important as the ability to enjoy our natural outdoor spaces. We ask you to enjoy our garden & I’m sure it will inspire you to engage & unite with each other to appreciate the natural outdoor spaces around us.

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