Costa Georgiadis and Sarah Curry of Majors Mulch provided a practical session on pH, soil testing and understanding how to unlock nutrients so plants can use them.

Later, as always, Costa had a crowd following him like the pied piper! It was a very useful walk around the 5 display gardens that were all so different, and each one of them had a miriad of ideas to take away. Costa broke through all the jargon and gave practical ideas on what worked within each garden, how it could be applied at home and gave a whole new perspective on the use of height, colour and plant use.

One key message was to talk to your local plant grower – and not to get seduced by impulse buys. Seek out information as to what will be in flower in other seasons and just becausee you can’t see the blooms now, doesn’t mean you can’t plan for later in the year. Talk to nurseries and get advice.

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